1875 - Due to limitations Tour de I'lle old buildings , Maison Vacheron Constantin will be relocated to the nearby Rue des Moulins, that is now the location of corporate headquarters , museums and specialty stores. 1880 - Vacheron Constantin officially chosen " Maltese Cross " logo for the company logo. " Maltese Cross " is the movement of a cross-shaped parts which can prevent irregular rotation caused by the shock slingshot to walk , to keep its exact rotation. 1889 - Vacheron Constantin at the Paris Expo exhibition 's first ladies {title} . 1906 - Vacheron Constantin opened stores in downtown Geneva, Rue des Moulins. 1911-1912 years - Vacheron Constantin launched its first barrel-type {title}. 1955 - To celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the brand , launched the world 's thinnest thickness of only 1.64 mm of mechanical movement. 1979 - remarkable masterpiece Kallista was launched. It is carved from a single piece of gold´spass from Lou and Carla studded with 130 diamonds perfectly . While production time over 8700 hours of magnificent diamond {title} , exudes a breathtaking charm, superb craftsman alive the {title} technology . 1992 - Vacheron Constantin launched 1755 ( repeater ) and 1760 ( Tourbillon ) movement. 1994 - Vacheron Constantin private museum opened to the eighteenth century " attic artisans ' 2015swisswatch studios look to reproduce the eyes. 1996 - launched the era of full dynamic Overseas sports {title} series. 1998 - Acquisition of long-term partners Vall¨¦e de Joux in the Haut de Gamme movement production plant , the two sides closer together . 2000 - launched a contemporary flavor Malte series , which became labeled tourbillon models in this series . 2004 - The new headquarters building was completed ; launched Patrimony explorer series , showing magnificent brilliant enamel process , it is amazing . 2005 - Vacheron Constantin celebrated 250 anniversary . 2011 - Vacheron Constantin M¨¦tiers d'Art La Symbolique des Laques ( price of 240,000 U.S. dollars ) to get the world's top luxury {title} institutions Robb Report Award for Best {title} (Best of the Best) "Greubel Forsey" high- Perot Fusco referred to "GF", is the world's top luxury {title} brands, almost no less than 100 million of the table, the basic 200 yuan from the sale, production is extremely limited, basically as a limited edition, the most expensive up to 21 million yuan, but the price of foreign to domestic and more expensive. "Greubel Forsey" amazing creativity, has the world's original four tourbillon technique is a great pioneering {title} industry. "Greubel Forsey" to its inception in 1999 by the World Award countless, "Greubel Forsey" wrist {title} called art. Its the world's top technology, the most innovative design, superb technology, let the world {title} industry marvel, of course, the price is amazing. Throughout the altar table, a lot of expensive multi- table full table by virtue of the high price of diamonds sold, while "Greubel Forsey" it is thanks to the strength of the sell price. From 2009 to 2011 "Greubel Forsey" a record three consecutive years of success in the major global {title} industry 's major awards even in the ternary. 2011 " Double Tourbillon 30 ¡ã table " when participating in international competitions measurements obtained Tourbillon class first.

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