Corporate info

Magnolia Finest Corporation Limited, a member of DT Group of Companies, established in 2010, operates the Property Development business under the concept of "Think and Create for Human Sustainability". With this in mind, we develop projects that best respond to the demands and well-being of our residents.

The Company invests and develops real estate projects on an international level to build growth of joint ventures and development of international real estate projects with our domestic and international partners and investors.

Each project is unique with state-of-the-art design incorporating quality materials, energy and environmental technology. We not only build a place for living, we also innovate to achieve the best quality of life.

What Makes us Different?

Designing houses that are applicable for 3 generations to live altogether. We systematically cultivate this knowledge through our extensive research and development program that draws on global experience in various related fields and studies in response to specific needs of all 3 generations to live altogether in harmony.

Creating quality community. Harmonious living environment is created for each member to live happily and healthily through facilities and services that provide the best security management so that everyone could live in safety. Neighborhood relationships can be elevated in order to build a truly pleasant community.

Developing “World Care” concept Each project is designed to minimize environmental impact by utilizing the latest technology to maximize energy efficiency. Furthermore, Magnolia excels in building quality and long-term sustainability between human beings and the environment.

“Think and create for human sustainability”

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited, one of the DT Group of Companies, operates a business of making investments, development of property, land and residential projects. Our business was established on 5th August 1994 with an authorized capital of 1,450,000,000 Baht.

Residential Project Development focuses on the development of detached houses and condominiums, emphasizing a project concept of distinct uniqueness Quality construction using the finest materials and meticulous design produced to support every form of lifestyle, advocating the efficient use of energy. Our projects, including the success story, are Magnolias Southern California, Magnolias French Country, Whizdom The Exclusive and Whizdom @ Punnawithi Station.

Through business expansion in 2010, Magnolia International Corporation Limited and Magnolia Finest Corporation Limited emerged to accommodate investments in property developments at an international level.

Moreover, Magnolia also attaches importance in playing a part in designing houses that are applicable for 3 generations to live altogether, creating a more inhabitable world, in terms of design which focuses on nature and the environment, taking into account the adaptation of innovations for the creation of projects that improve society, with a combined effort to conserve the world.

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